Zoe Anwar is one of the most elegant and avant-garde international oriental and ethnic dancers residing in Spain.

Through her work as choreographer, dancer and solo dancer in numerous shows, as well as performer, Director of shows and dance companies (such as Tandava), and as an internationally recognized Master instructor of oriental and ethnic dances, Sufi spinning, Flamenco-Oriental fusion and a technique of his own creation , Natural Dance; Zoe Anwar combines her artistic multidisciplinary experience with a strong social commitment towomen’s empowerment and intercultural and gender issues.

After obtaining her Diploma in Classical Ballet with the Royal Academy of London , she continued her training with some of the greatest masters of bellydance, such as as Raquia Hassan, Lenna Beauty (now a member of Mayumana), Mohammed AlSayeid, Sinna… adding to her creations her knowledge of set design, visual composition and design and expanding her versatility with techniques such as singing, stage acting (at La Cuarta Pared and William Layton studio), meditative dances (Sufi spinning, Tantra), stunt fighting and Ethnic dances: Flamenco, Caucasus dances, traditional Indian and African Dances…

Her extensive experience, both nationally and internationally, has earned Zoe Anwar great recognition as Stage Director, Choreographer and Performer of Oriental dances, fusion dances and performances.

After obtaining a Degree in Design at the Instituto Europeo di Design in 2002, in 2003 she created and directed the Performance Company VOMO DEMENTIA, through which she did production, art direction and staging for brands such as J&B, Orange Mobile Phones, Scheweppes, Ron Barceló etc. As a performer, she started her career as a member of the MABRUK Company, created by Lenna Beauty, where she worked as dancer, Choreographer and Art Director. In the present she works as stage and artistic director for hig-couture fashion shows for designers like Gaultier, La Perla, Joseph Font etc.

Among her creations are artistic direction works for institutionssuch as the Province of Madrid Government, the Syrian Cultural Center, the Embassies of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Yemen, the Ateneo de Madrid, the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation , etc. In 2005, she was responsible for Art Direction and Scenic Design of the Gala Opening for the World Championship Tae-Kwondo. Since 2009, she directs and plays lead in the flamenco-oriental dance shows for the Platform of Women Against Gender Violence, with which she went on tour through various locations in Israel and Palestine.
As a dancer, she has toured as a soloist on international locations and has taught dance workshops in Europe, the U.S. and Arab countries, in locations as representative as Egypt, Paris, New York, Geneva, Mexico City, Madrid, etc.

In her role as producer, she has worked as director and producer of Professional Oriental Dance Company TANDAVA, taking charge of the production, stage direction and choreography of the Dance-Theatre performances Aluaan and Karah , of which the latter was shown under the prestigious program of activities of Madrid’s Veranos de la Villa ;as well as undertaking the production, direction and choreography of the shows Sacra, Distant Worlds (with Angel Rubio’s Jazz Band), orEntre el Cielo y la Tierra [Between Heaven and Earth] (with Luis Panigua), among others.She has participated in various festivals such as Festival Otros Flamencos [Other Flamenco Styles Festival] and acted with renowned Tito Losada’s flamenco group at theGala de las Artes [Gala of the Arts] in 2009.Since 2010, she directs and produces WOM Dance events in Madrid.

Coupled with her extensive career on stage,Zoe Anwar’s great interest in thoroughly exploring feminine nature leads her to study meditative techniques and sexology. Educated in Tao, Tantra and Buddhism by masters such as Lama Ole, the Sixteenth Karmapa, Alan Wallace and Daniel Odier, she decides to unite the knowledge she has acquired towards women’s empowerment and personal development and the fusion of diverse multidisciplinary techniques to create the innovative dance technique she calls Natural Dance, designed to connect the essence of movement and emotions.In turn, she conducts numerous workshops on sexuality and female empowerment, and is the editor and creator of the FEMKEYS portal.

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